Free, fast, secure and uncensored stablecoin
No ICO, blockchain is working

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Stablecoins comparison | FAQ
Global Open Source Economy
Basic tools for building a global
transparent highly efficient economy
Real Tool for Real Deals
Cross-border business payments, International fund management, Money remittance, Baseline layer for the banking services, value storage, universal measure, reserve asset.
Decentralized and Open Source
10'000 nodes all over the world. New unique highly resistant consensus type. Open source code. No owner, no author, no ICO, blockchain is working.
Free, Fast, Secure and Stable
XDR is a stablecoin with the same value as IMF SDR. Only 11% price change since 1981. Zero fees, 10-20 seconds for transaction, transparent emission algorithm.
Uniting Nations
Building a global partnership network
Brazilian Chamber of Commerce
Mile Unity Foundation have signed a partnership contract with Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.
Opening South Korean Embassy
Mile Unity Foundation have a strong presence in South Korea. Since 2017 our members participated in Parliament sessions and consulting the government working groups on building a crypto legal environment. September 2018 we've open the permanent Embassy in famous Seoul Gangnam district.
Beijing Official Diplomatic Event
Mile Unity Foundation have organised the official event at the Diplomatic Cultural Centre in Beijing. Numerous government officials, journalists and financial industry experts have participated and discussed how to apply blockchain technologies to the real economy.
How To Mint XDR?
Become a part of the decentralized International Monetary Fund. Create value. Legally
01. Run a masternode
Deposit 10k—100k XDR into the blockchain.
Run a simple server with 4Tb hard drive (no ASIC).
Get 8-13% annual interest rate from the blockchain (paid daily).
Warning: only 10'000 masternodes available.
02. Run an emission center
Deposit 10k+ MILE into the blockchain.
Get XDRs instantly based on internal MILE/XDR rate.
Get new XDRs every time MILE is growing.
MILE fair price = (XDRs needed for the economy) / 1 billion
How many XDRs do we need in economy?
Mile Unity Foundation have already signed a partnership contracts with loan marketplaces and intergovernmental business-diplomatic associations. So, the overall demand on XDR is about 100B+ USD, for the cross-border trading and investments, even before the launch.

What backs the XDR stability?
1. Long-term loans contracts.
2. Long-term trading (supply) contracts.
3. MILE collateral.
An important initial step will be to reach a consensus within the global regulatory community on the role crypto-assets should play. Because crypto-assets know no boundaries, international cooperation will be essential (source)
Christine Lagarde
IMF director
The world economic crisis shows the inherent vulnerabilities and systemic risks in the existing international monetary system. IMF should create a reserve currency based on shares in the body held by its 185 member nations, known as special drawing rights, or SDRs. It also should be used for trade, pricing commodities and accounting, not just government finance (source)
BRICS country Central Bank director

Stability In Volatile Markets: What You Need To Know About Stable Coins
According to Mile, the answer to solving the economic burdens of unstable exchange rates and uncontrolled issuances of fiat monies was global collaboration on money issuance. MILE's built-in resistance mechanisms, such as noise-filtering, social responsibility, and self-printing currency generation, are leading Asian cryptocurrency exchanges down its hallways. I'm interested to see how this continues to develop in the Asian market. (source)

On the way to the Blockchain-based Global Stable Currency and Financial Ecosystem
Lotus Mile, who was very mysterious and unknown without any trace of her whereabouts and real identity ... proposed a number of brilliant ideas. Global collaboration on money issuance are one of the key fields where blockchain-based technologies could be implemented as the money minting algorithm is the same for private individuals and governmental agencies alike (source)
Please, create a MILE wallet:
SDR rate is here: IMF (approx. 1.4 USD)
1 MILE = 1.21 SDR until 01.Oct
Donations are accepted in ETH
Attention, please: you will receive
a response in 24 hours, not instantly
Mile Unity Foundation is not the author or the owner of the MILE blockchain. It's a non-profit educational organisation living only on donations.
Web wallet:
iOS wallet in TestFlight
Where To Get?
Market.Cash or Ask Foundation
XDR price , 1 MILE=1.21 XDR until 01.Oct
1-pager: EN | 한글 | 中文 | 日本語 | FR
5-pager: EN | 한글 | 中文 | 日本語 | FR
Techpaper: EN | 한글 | 中文 | 日本語 | FR
Partnerships: EN | 한글 | 中文 | 日本語 | FR
What is SDR: EN | 한글 | 中文
Stablecoins comparison | FAQ
Solutions For The Real Economy
Cross-Border Trading
Mile Unity Foundation has already signed numerous of partnership contracts with governmental and intergovernmental organisations. The main goal of the partnership is to use XDR for fast, secure and beneficial cross-border trading between different countries.

Due to the XDR nature, it could be used for the transactions of any size: from buying a coffee to buying a helicopters.
Global Finance
XDR is a powerful tool to use for the cross-border loans. It can be used to solve the issue of the intergovernmental loans by the circular offsettings.

Mile Unity Foundation has signed a partnership contracts with official platforms dedicated to the governmental subcontractors financing. Also XDR will be used as a tool for the p2p-lending platforms for the SME.
XDR designed to be a foundation layer for the payment and money remittance services, because it provides fast, free and secure transactions.

Money remittance providers can receive 100% of the commission they charge from their users and provide a better service. XDR could be delivered to any country in a few seconds.
Unique Qualities All-In-One
Stable like IMF SDR, Fast, Free, Secure, Uncensored
Stable price, proven cryptography, total decentralization, value storage and transfer in a stealth mode.
Earn up to 13% annual interest rate in XDR running a simple blockchain node.
Earn much more running an emission centre.
No fees, simple wallets, fast transactions, real economy usage: retail, government contracts, cross-border payments.
Why XDR Is Better?
Decentralized, free, fast and working.
For the real economy.
More details here
Decentralization of ownership and decision making
Working Product
Whitepaper beta
Transaction fee
to be signed in 1 block
Up to 25USD
Up to 1USD, depends on ETH
Not described
Block time
20 sec
10 min
20 sec
Not described
Transactions per second
Not described
Real economy usage
100B USD demand
Mostly for crypto trading
Mostly for crypto trading
Whitepaper beta
Legal status
Like BTC: medium of payment, no author, no network owner
Not defined. High risk of the centralized issuer.
Deposit receipt. High risk of the centralized issuer
SAFT. High risk of the centralized issuer.
iOS App Is Working in TestFlight
Multiple wallets in one app, Address book, Invoices, QR-scanner,
sharing to the chat apps and more
Feel free to use web-wallet while the iOS one is being published
George Goognin
Global Ambassador
Russian Parliament Blockchain Chamber, Founder
Dima Vol
Global Ambassador
Markus Pflitsch
Senior Advisor
Moonfare Capital,
Ex: Deutsche Bank Director
Takenori Tanaka
Japan Ambassador
Koichi Nishida
Japan Ambassador
Nilesh Neel
India Ambassador
Order of National Glory, Water Freedom Revolution Movement
Zhibo Fan 樊知博
Bolat Smagulov
Kazakhstan Ambassador
Vice-Minister and Founder of the International Association Global Silk Road
Deyan Nedev
Ex: Head of NPL Wholesales Dep at EUROBANK, Bulgaria
Joseph Choi 최조셉
South Korea Ambassador
Alex Strelov
Russian Ambassador
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